Spotify Supremium: release date, features, pricing and more

Spotify Supremium

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with over 365 million monthly active users and 165 million premium subscribers. However, for some audiophiles, Spotify’s sound quality may not be enough to satisfy their ears.

According to rumors, Spotify plans to launch a new subscription tier called “Supremium,” which will offer 24-bit lossless audio along with other improvements for a more enjoyable listening experience. Everything there is to know about Spotify Supremium is covered in this post, including its features, cost, acquisition strategy, and comparison with competing Hi-Fi streaming services.

Supremium is expected to give listening statistics similar to those provided by Last. fm, so fans of music statistics will also have something to look forward to. With the help of this tool, users will be able to monitor their listening habits, find new artists, and learn more about their musical tastes.

What is Spotify Supremium?

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service worldwide. Many of these users also choose Spotify Premium in order to take advantage of the unlimited, unceasing listening option rather than just the “next 30 minutes.” Given that there are more than 200 million Spotify Supremium subscribers, it makes sense that the huge streaming service plans to step things up with what some are referring to as Spotify Supremium.

What is Spotify Premium

Spotify Supremium: How Much Will It Cost?

According to current reports, it will cost $19.99 US, most likely for a single listener. Given similar options elsewhere and the $10.99 price of the current Premium Individual plan that may be correct.

Spotify Supremium pricing

It is expected that Supremium will also be available in Pair and Family editions, helping two and six listeners individually. Look for similar price increases with Supremium, as Premium Duo is $4 more than usual and Premium Family is $6 more.

Spotify Supremium Features

The option for Hi-Fi streaming is expected to be the standout feature of the future Spotify Supremium payment level, based on the leaks. 

Lossless Audio Support

Spotify exposed the Hi-Fi premium plan, which is more expensive, back in February 2021. Nevertheless, people have been waiting for this specific tier for more than two years, and it was never realized. In June 2023, a report by Bloomberg proposed renaming the Hi-Fi tier as Supremium.

According to the thread post, Hi-Fi is no longer in existence, and Spotify Supremium will enable users to listen to 24-bit lossless audio. Without a doubt, lossless audio is popular right now, and it appears that Spotify has finally made the decision to get involved. However, I am not sure if charging people more for lossless music is a good idea. Lossless audio support is available with Apple Music for as little as $4.99 per month.

Your Sound Capsule

Spotify Sound capsule

A sound capsule may look something like this if you have ever created time capsules as a child. Chris infers that the “Spotify Playlist in a Jug” feature will probably be rebranded because of this. This function fundamentally lets you build a musical time capsule numerically and then save it a year later to see what you were listening to at the time. Thus, it is likely that subscribers to Spotify Supremium will get Your Sound Capsule as a feature.

Advanced Playlist Mixing Tools

You currently have access to Spotify Mixes, a tool that creates customized playlists based on your listening preferences. According to sources, Spotify Supremium will give you access to an improved version of this, enabling you to create more customized playlists based on factors like mood, genre, beats per minute (BPM), and other factors It was recently discovered that Spotify was also creating AI playlists. According to the leaks, this will be a feature exclusive to Spotify Supremium. When Spotify introduced Niche Mixes earlier this year, it made it possible for users to search for almost anything they felt like listening to a music library for.

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Playlist Generation by AI

A virtual DJ is in charge of a playlist that Spotify has added to its app using AI. Earlier this year, it also introduced a smart shuffle option that adds customized suggestions to fit the tone of your playlists.

Subsequently, it might enable Supremium users to utilize its AI technology to make playlists. Messina saw allusions to “playlists based on your prompts” and “AI playlists” earlier in October in the code of the Spotify app.

Playlist generation by AI

Spotify Highlights

As per the article, Spotify Supremium subscribers will have access to Highlights, which will enable them to view “Last. fm-style listening stats” directly from the Spotify app or website. This implies that you will not have to wait a year to see all of your listening statistics and that you may examine them in real time.

LAST.HQ statistics by last.fm

Extended Audiobook Listening Time

Spotify users had to buy audiobooks separately in 2022 in order to listen to them. However, Spotify has now revealed that their Premium association tier will grant users access to 150,000 audiobooks. Users in Australia and the UK can already benefit from this upgrade. US consumers will be able to access it later this year, as per Spotify. Users will have access to 15 hours of listening time, though. This could soon change, since according to Messina’s thread post, Spotify Premium will allow audiobooks to be listened to for up to 20 to 30 hours at a time.

Spotify Supremium Release Date

Release date of Spotify Supremium

Chris has noticed some crucial signs, even though there is currently no hard information available on the introduction date of Spotify Supremium. He notes in a different Threads post that “valuing experiments” were discussed during the Spotify Investor Day 2022 announcement. Based on this, the tech blogger expects Spotify Supremium to launch by year’s end.

Spotify Supremium: Will It Be Worth It?

I believe that the most likely person to upgrade to the Supremium plan is one who is accustomed to the Spotify user border and suggestions and does not want to transfer platforms. Make a plan for audio support. On the other hand, you may just stick to the basic Spotify Premium subscriptions if you do not want to use any of the features. Say, for instance, that you don’t see yourself using AI-generated playlists and mixes or those 20–30 hours of audiobook listening; in that case, no one could persuade you to subscribe to Spotify Premium in the near future.

Spotify Supremium vs. the competition

The clearest example of comparison is Tidal’s Hi-Fi Plus subscription, which starts at $19.99 per person and supports numerous spatial audio codecs, including Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio, in addition to lossless music. Although it is uncertain if Supremium will include spatial audio, considering the competition and Spotify’s influence in the market, it is difficult to see Spotify skipping that bullet point. Tidal offers additional benefits such as music videos and Tidal Connect, which is similar to Spotify Connect.

Final Verdicts

For a very long time, music fans have trusted Spotify. They now wish to give their fans better audio quality. A more separate and rich sound, similar to a live performance, should be produced by the new method.

Lately, there has been an improvement in the ability of music streaming services such as Apple Music and others. Spotify Supremium offers more features than just better music. The improved audio quality and extra features might persuade some customers to part with their cash despite the new feature’s possibly heavy price. Some people might still think it is too expensive, though. It will be interesting to observe how many people choose to subscribe to Spotify when it starts.

Finally, yet importantly, Spotify shows how much they cherish giving their users the best experience possible. They push themselves to do better and progress all the time. With the release of this new Spotify plan, music fans will have plenty to celebrate.

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