How to Add Friends on Spotify in 2024 [5 Best Methods]

How to add friends on Spotify

Are you excited to add friends on Spotify or listen to music together? If yes, then you enjoyed reading this article because it is about how to add friends on Spotify.

You can share your music with your friends using Spotify. We will establish how to add friends and favorite artists to Spotify across all platforms in this article. Additionally, we will be responding to frequent inquiries you might have about the application. Connecting with friends and sharing your favorite music with them is one of Spotify’s best features. It is easy to add friends on Spotify, which might improve your musical enjoyment and help you find new songs and playlists. This post will walk you through the process of adding friends to Spotify and examine the advantages of doing so.

How to Add Friends on Spotify with Facebook

Finding your friend on Spotify will be a lot humbler if they have a Facebook account. Only the desktop and mobile Spotify apps are skilled at this.

How to Connect Spotify with Facebook

Do you want to play your favorite songs on Spotify for your friends? Here is a short and simple lesson to help you cooperate with your music-loving friends on the site by sharing a public playlist! Take these easy steps to link your Spotify app to your Facebook account:

Find the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen when you promote the Spotify app. Press the profile icon located at the screen’s top. Locate and tap the three dots that are now located in the upper-right corner.

Go to Find Friend section on Spotify

From the list of options, choose “Find Friends.” Press the Facebook Connect button. You will receive a notification requesting approval for Spotify to access your Facebook account. To continue, tap Continue.

Connect Spotify to Facebook

Add Friends on Spotify Mobile App via Facebook

It is easy to find and add friends on Spotify mobile, and it does not cost anything to use Spotify Premium. But first, you need to connect Spotify to Facebook. In order to connect Spotify to Facebook read the above section. After doing this follow the instructions given below.

  • Launch Spotify and sign in.
  • Select Home Settings.
  • Select the “View Profile” button from the Settings menu.
  • Tap the three-dot icon on the next screen.
  • Select “Find friends.”

If you have already linked your Facebook account to Spotify, a list of your friends who are Spotify users must appear. You can choose to follow every person on the list by selecting FOLLOW ALL or by tapping the “add friend” icon next to any separate.

Add Friends on Spotify Mobile App via Facebook

How to add Friends on the Spotify Desktop App via Facebook

Similar to the Spotify mobile app, we must first link Facebook to the desktop version of the software. It can be done as follows:

Click the Friend Activity button located in the upper right corner of the Spotify desktop app after starting it.

Open Friend Activity

Press the “Settings” button now.

Click on Settings

Select “Connect with Facebook.”

Click on Connect with Facebook

Type in your Facebook login credentials and press the Login button.

Enter your Facebook Login Credentials

On the pop-up menu, choose Connect. You will then be redirected to the Facebook login screen. Accept the Spotify request after logging in.

All of your Facebook friends who have Spotify accounts will be displayed in a window. Click the Add Friend icon after selecting the users you wish to follow. You are done there. It appears that adding your Facebook friends was successful. Your friend A will show up in your followers if you add them. A will show up in Followers on your profile if they add you.

Add Friends on Spotify Desktop app now

Click the profile button on Facebook and select Unblock Spotify. Configurations. Navigate to the social section and select Disconnect from Facebook.

Disconnect Spotify from Facebook

How to Find and Follow Friends on Spotify

Spotify is always adding new features to improve the user experience. Users may now share their favorite Spotify ways and add friends with ease thanks to one of these improved abilities. Let us explore how to make the most of this feature and have some quality time with our friends.

You can add friends on any device you own because Spotify is compatible with all of them. The instructions for doing so on each device are available here.

On Mobile

If you are a mobile user, follow these steps to add friends on Spotify.

  • On your iOS device, use the Spotify app and sign in to your account.
  • A search bar will appear at the top of your screen.
  • To proceed, type your friend’s username into the search bar.
  • To follow a friend, open their profile and click the Follow button.
Follow Friends on Spotify Mobile App

On Desktop 

You can invite friends and enjoy it jointly by following these instructions if you prefer to sit on their chairs and listen to music on their PC.

  • Launch Spotify in a web browser and sign in with your credentials.
  • Press the button located in the top search bar of your screen.
  • Type your friends’ usernames into the search field and look them up.
  • Locate your friend from the list, click on their profile, and select “Follow.”

 How to Add Friends on Spotify with a Username

You need to be aware of your friend’s Spotify username in this case. You can ask your friend for their username directly, or you can find it easily in the “Your Account” area of your Spotify account.

  • Launch the Spotify app.
  • Select the Search menu.
  • Type “username” into Spotify and search.
  • Next, you must click the “Follow” button on the individual’s profile that you wish to add.
Add Friends on Spotify with a Username

We will point your friend in the right direction if they require further information concerning their Spotify username. You can easily connect with your friends on Spotify and start sharing your favorite music and playlists with them by just following these easy steps.

How to Add Friends on Spotify using Mobile Contacts 

This is a very easy way to add friends on Spotify using Mobile contacts. Using smartphone contacts is one of the quickest ways to add friends on Spotify. These are the easy methods to add your saved contacts to Spotify.

Start up the Spotify app. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap Settings. From the menu list, choose Friends. A request to allow Spotify access to your phone’s contacts will appear. Press “OK” to continue. You may discover which of your contacts have a Spotify account once access has been granted. Click the “Follow” button after opening the friend’s profile that you wish to add.

How to Add Friends on Spotify using a Barcode 

Friend Up on Spotify You can avoid having to spend a lot of time using barcodes by following some steps, like using the phone on your camera to image the barcode.

1. Click “Point the Camera at a Spotify Program” to do that.

2. Click “SELECT FROM PHOTOS” to choose the barcode image from your phone’s gallery. Your friend’s profile will show up after you scan the barcode, and you can click the Follow key to follow him.

How to Remove Friends on Spotify

If you have some friends you will not want on your Spotify friend list, you can easily remove them from your friend list.

It is as simple as following someone on Spotify and unfollowing them. From the Friends list, locate the person you wish to unfollow. To access their profile, tap on their name. On the “Following” button, click. Once “Follow” is shown, it indicates that the individual has been removed from your list of friends.

We will walk you through the quick and easy process of unfollowing a Spotify user. Here is how to use the desktop app:

  • Launch Spotify.
  • Locate the followers on your profile that you wish to unfollow from the list.
  • Go to their profile.
  • Select the “Following” choice. As soon as it changes to follow, you will know that you have successfully deleted them.

How to Check Friend Activity on Spotify

You can disable the feature that allows your followers to see your listening activity on their Friend Activity tab by following the instructions below.

You can see what your friends are playing with Friend Activity. To make friend activity visible or hidden, click your profile picture at the top and choose Settings. Under Display, flip See what your pals are playing, either online or offline.


On your computer, launch the Spotify desktop application. Select the “Search” option from the menu on the left. Input the username “Spotify username” in the search bar.

Enter your friend’s username in the search bar, and then select your friend’s profile from the list by clicking on it. On the “follow” button.

On Spotify, friend activity allows you to see what music your friends are enjoying and their most recent playlist.


So stop thinking now about how to add friends on Spotify and get connected with your friends right away! Your Spotify music experience can be noticeably improved by adding friends—a straightforward process. There are several simple ways to add friends to Spotify, including usernames, public playlists, barcodes, mobile contacts, and Facebook.

Spotify, one of the top music streaming apps, also serves as a social networking hub where you can follow your friends and find out what music they are currently into. We covered how to add friends to Spotify in this article. We hope you find this information useful.

As was before said, you cannot add friends to Spotify, but you can follow them to keep up with their actions. We covered how to add friends to Spotify on all devices in this post. I openly hope that this article was useful to you if it was; delight spread the word to your friends so they can add you as a friend on Spotify.

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