Spotify Pie Chart: Visualizing the Music Taste of Baked

Spotify Pie Chart

If you love music very much and do not want to compromise on its quality, do you want the best music to be provided according to your age through Spotify? Then today you have opened a very good website because I will tell you about the Spotify Pie Chart. If you love music, you have undoubtedly heard of Spotify, one of the largest online music streaming services with access to a vast global library of songs, albums, and podcasts.

With data-driven pie charts, Spotify Pie provides a novel approach to displaying your musical tastes in the age of digital music streaming. Darren Hang’s third-party website, Spotify Pie, creates a customized pie chart on Spotify that displays your preferred music genres and listening preferences. Spotify Pie uses only your Spotify data to produce a vibrant pie chart that represents your unique Spotify pie and provides you with a comprehensive insight into your audio taste profile.

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

A third-party tool called Spotify Pie Chart observes your listening habits on the platform and creates a pie chart-style graphic picture of your musical tastes.

Spotify Pie
Spotify Pie

The pie chart makes it simple and enjoyable to study what your musical favorites look like by displaying the musicians and types you have been enjoying the most. A legend below aids in identifying each genre characterized by each type on the chart.

Additionally, the Spotify Pie Chart has a feature called “Top Tracks” that shows you the tracks you have played the most. With the help of this application, you can gain knowledge about your listening favorites and be interested in checking out new music from particular types or performers.

How do I create a Spotify pie chart?

Together, we will create your very own Spotify pie chart, which will display a delicious selection of your musical tastes every month. This systematic class will assist you in creating this customized masterwork. You can use any device, such as an iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac, to follow these instructions.

Step 1: Look at Huang’s website: Visit Huang’s website to start your journey—a virtual retreat created to reveal the secrets of your musical favorites. It serves as your entryway to an enlightening and creative experience.

Visit Spotify Pie Website

Step 2: Fully explore your monthly genre: Enter the world of music by using your beloved Spotify account to log in. Here is where the magic happens: a sneak peek at your monthly musical variety will be exposed.

Login to your Spotify Account on Spotify Pie

Step 3: Give Approval for Musical Understanding: Allowing access to your listening history can lead to an excess of audio revelations. This allows the process to bring your musical journey to life by combining facts and art.

Agree Terms & conditions

Step 4: Observe the Artwork Develop: Watch how your modified pie chart appears with a hint of technical magic. See your favorite musicians and top genres for the month tastefully attainable in a spectacular visual display in a couple of seconds.

Watch your Spotify Pie

How can I understand Spotify Stats?

Your Spotify listening history provides insightful information about your taste in music. Finding new musicians, albums, and types that suit your changing tastes is just as important as knowing what you enjoy.

  • This is calculated by Spotify based on how long you listen, and you may tweak your list by checking out new artists that the stage mentions.
  • Spotify takes a systematic approach, looking at each artist’s overall listening time and number of streams. This assures you that your best performers represent your taste in music.
  • Examine similar musicians to add variety to your music collection. In addition to improving your listening experience, you might discover new artists to add to your list of favorite musicians by doing this.
  • Your top songs give you an idea of which songs are most connected to you.
  • Create themed playlists with your best songs to suit different moods, events, or musical genres. A customized musical experience displays your distinct taste.

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Understanding Your Pie’s Composition After Baking

A key will be placed under the pie chart to help you understand the meaning of each area as it is divided into a multitude of colors.

  • Additionally, you may tap the screen on your phone or move your mouse over a portion of the pie to see the type and the musicians that fall under it. Spotify users are sharing a program that generates a pie chart according to users’ musical preferences.
  • The user’s monthly flow history, broken down by genre, is misshapen into an exciting graphic on the free website.
  • It also creates a list of the musicians that a user has listened to the most and joins obscure micro-genres.
  • Those keen to discuss what they have been listening to have been sharing these outstanding pie charts on social media. Routines. This is our short manual for using the tool.

Features of the Spotify Pie

Following are the features of the Spotify pie chart.

Features of Spotify Pie Chart

Updated Each Month

A unique feature of Spotify Pie is that it refreshes every month, unlike apps like Spotify Wrapped, which require a yearly wait. I can now quickly see how much Spotify I have used at the end of each month.

Funny Saying

I think it is funny that the website features a comedy tagline that reads, “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie,” directly beside the phrase “Spotify Pie.”

Post on social media

Sharing your music on Spotify is not a feature explicitly offered, but taking a snapshot is an easy way to achieve it. Afterward, you may SMS your friends with this snapshot or share it on sites like TikTok and Instagram Story.

Period-Based Assessment

Spotify Pie assesses content according to time. It compiles a list of musicians you have listened to throughout time. The list may be small or lengthy, depending on how much time you have spent listening to each musician. I am interested to see how Kendrick Lamar ranks in my pie chart because I have been listening to him a lot.

Underappreciated Musical Styles

Along with the traditional types, the discoverer, Darren Hang, has added several interesting, lesser-known ones, such as album rock, Canadian metalcore, nu-metal post-grunge, etc. I cannot wait to discover these new musical realms and discover types that I enjoy.

Pros & Cons of Spotify Pie


  • Display your Spotify listening history as a pie chart.
  • Quickly view your favorite musical types.
  • A monthly pie chart that displays the most recent listening routines
  • Explore fresh, underappreciated musical subgenres that are not listed on Spotify.
  • Pie chart screenshots are simple to post on social media.
  • Cost-free to use; no subscription fees
  • Easy-to-understand, basic interface
  • Provides information about your listening preferences and variety of music.


  • Only functions with Spotify; other music apps are incompatible.
  • If you listen to too many different genres, a pie chart may be congested.
  • Spotify needs a Spotify login, which some users might not be able to do.
  • Displays listening data for the past month only.

Spotify Pie only collects information from Spotify about your listening preferences, playlists, and amount of time spent on various songs. It is helped in protecting user-sensitive information and code by the crowd platform GitHub. Your name, address, and other sensitive information are among the identifications that this third-party software never utilizes, along with no other personal information. It just saves your past music listening selections and turns them into a lovely color scheme.


You may view your favorite genres and performers at the start of each month since the Spotify Pie tool website updates its charts every month.

According to my experience, the Spotify pie chart often produces data that is between 70 and 80% accurate, although other issues might be represented in your pie chart.

Regretfully, it is incompatible with other music streaming services, like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

Certainly, you can use your PC to create a pie chart.

Indeed. Use these device-specific steps to find out your Spotify data. To check your top artists and tracks of the month, go to Profile in the Spotify web player. To view your music statistics when using the Spotify mobile app, go to Settings and turn on the Recently Played Artists feature.

Your listening statistics are displayed through Spotify Wrapped, an official yearly feature. Pie charts for any period can be created with the third-party program Spotify Pie Chart.


These days, Spotify pie charts are popular. Now you can get in on the learning by creating your own and posting it right away to social media. It is a great way to share your musical preferences with others, and you never know who might find someone who shares those tastes.

Spotify Pie is an enjoyable and interactive method for visualizing and comprehending your listening habits. Pie for you Spotify provides a quick overview of your audio profile. Utilize Spotify Pie to find out your distinct musical preferences, genres you avoid, variety in listening, and more. Talk to friends about how you are Spotify Pie compares, and look through playlists that fit your chart. Spotify Pie chart provides music enthusiasts with data-driven insights in an easy-to-understand visual format.

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