Spotify Instafest: How to Make Music Festival Lineup (2024)

Spotify Instafest

Have you ever heard songs in your voice? On the other hand, you want to create a website that teaches you how to listen to your songs. Let me tell you about a website that you can use to make our songs and listen to them. Spotify integrates with various other sites, like the Spotify Instafest app. By linking their accounts to these third-party platforms, music lovers can access an abundance of musical options. Certain services, for instance, let users create their playlists and distribute them on social media by letting them dress like DJs. 

The same purpose is served by apps like Spotify Obscurity, Music Cape, Favorite Music Guru, and Discover Fast. Similar to this, there is another software called Instafest that creates a team using your favorite Spotify musicians that makes you feel as though you are at a music festival.

What is Spotify Instafest?

You can now make a music festival picture using the Spotify Instafest app, an app that increased approval the year before Spotify Covered was officially free. The poster is based on the artists in a certain playlist that you have. Anshay Saboo, the app’s developer, has also extended the theme and customization choices.

Anyone who listens to music on Spotify may use the program to size his or her ideal team. To participate in Instafest, simply go directly to the website and log in using your Spotify identifications.

How to Create Instafest?

You do not need to download the Instafest app to achieve this. This is how to create your dream Spotify Instafest event lineup, step by step:

Step 1: Opening the Instafest Website: To get started, visit the official Instafest website. This first step is vital to getting a customized festival experience according to your taste in music. The Spotify Festival Generator website can be opened directly through any browser or by using any search engine.

Open Spotify Instafest Website

Step 2: Introducing the Spotify Sign-In: Navigate to the “Sign in with Spotify” button, which is brightly highlighted in a bright green color on the website’s layout. To begin the verification procedure, click this button.

Sign in with Spotify

Step 3: Classification with Spotify: You will be required to provide your Spotify account details to log in during this step. To guarantee a smooth process, make sure you enter safe and correct login identifications.

Enter you Spotify Account Credentials

Step 4: Granting Agreement: Once your login has been successful, you will be prompted to approve Instafest. With your agreement, Instafest can create a festival team that specifically fits your taste in music. It is an essential step in creating a unique festival experience.

Agree to Terms & Conditions

Step 5: Modified Side Curation Instafest uses artificial intelligence (AI) to select bands and artists for festivals that fit your musical preferences. By taking this step, you can be confident that your festival experience will be specially customized to your interests and musical tastes.

View your Spotify Instafest

How does the Spotify Instafest Festival Generator work?

You will see a group of other artists in addition to the three primary superstar performances over there. You will also receive a “Basic Score,” a numerical tag that ranges from 0 to 100, and titles how unique your taste in music is (a modest score suggests a preference for more unusual artists, while a high score suggests a passion for more mainstream performers). However, not every listener agrees that each specialized musician deserves a lower rating.

Under the festival title, click the options menu and choose “Display my Basic Score.” Next, your score will show up with a green marker surrounding it at the bottom right of the poster. It will be designated as the score’s value, either “Niche” or “Popular”.

Customization of the Spotify Instafest Poster

There are several options available to further personalize the poster to your liking if you are unhappy with the final creation.

Customization of Time Duration

The first change that customers can choose from is the duration of their listening history. The previous four weeks, the six months previous, or the whole listening history are all included in this selection. Choosing one of the first two options may result in a smaller lineup, but selecting the “all-time” option will produce a more complete festival result. The days and dates in the list agree with the current day. This suggests that the festival dates you will see are September 20, September 21, and September 22 if you’re looking at a poster on, say, September 20.

Style Customization

In terms of style, you have three options.

  • Mojave Dusk
  • LA Twilight
  • Malibu Sunrise.
Style Customization of Spotify Instafest

With the first choice, you get to enjoy a sunrise over the seaside. The evening skyline of Los Angeles is shown in the second one. The third option shows a scene in a desert just before sunset.

I have been to three different kinds of Spotify festivals, as you can see from the photos uploaded, and they all scored an amazing 76 overall. “LA Twilight” stands out as my particular favorite of these events.

Customization of the Festival Name

Upon early setup, Instafest automatically combines your first name from your Spotify account with the word “fest” to get a characteristic festival name. However, you can personalize it with anything you like or leave it empty if that is how you feel. I have decided to use my festival name as a way to refer to my website, which is a resource for other Spotify music fans and an image of my love for informing musical knowledge.

Customization of Festival name

Sharing on social media

Once everything is to your satisfaction, you may download or post this lineup to various social media sites. The image will be protected if you select “Download” when using the program on a computer. On the other hand, choose “Share” and then “Save Image” if you are using a smartphone and want to save the picture to your camera roll. Next, you may choose how you want to distribute the image: by texting it to someone directly or posting it on your favorite social media network.

What is the Instafest Basic Score?

Instafest Basic Score Based on how specialized your festival music is, the basic score gives you a number between 0 and 100. Your artists are more specialized if their score is lower. Higher numbers indicate normal or basic. You do not want to be perceived as having a basic taste in music.

Basic Score of Instafest

Is Spotify Wrapped the same as Instafest?

Although it is not the first service to compile your listening history in this way, the Spotify Instafest app can be a lot of fun. Spotify Wrapped is arguably the most well-liked method for reviewing your Spotify activity.

Every year, at the end of the year, Spotify releases a software called Wrapped that provides a complete summary of your practice during the previous year. While Spotify Covered is not the same as Instafest, it is still a useful tool to have if you want a visually attractive summary of your music selections.

Can I use the Instafest app on Apple Music?

The fun does not stop here! With the release of a beta version made-to-order specifically for Apple Music fans, Instafest is now even more friendly and charming for a broader range of music listeners. Watch for exciting new features and updates from this amazing project shortly!

The creative mind of Instafest, Saboo, has some big ideas in mind. In the future, he sees Instafest mixing music streaming providers like Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music with ease. He is a realist, though, and warns that this process will not be an easy one. It can be difficult to mix these services, particularly when working with platforms that don’t have as user-friendly APIs as Spotify. Thus, even if the future is exciting and full of potential, a voyage is one-of-a-kind and will take place at its speed.


“Spotify Fest” alludes to the Spotify Instafest App, a third-party website that uses API keys to examine your music selections and transform them into a live music event.

Spotify Instafest uses official Spotify APIs (application programming interfaces) and has a good safety rating, so it should be safe to use in general.

Using the official APIs of the service, Instafest accesses your Spotify account and is completely free to use.


Spotify has steadily improved its platform over time through planned associations, innovation, and user-focused features. It has been able to hold onto its top spot in a very competitive market because of this strategy.

The Spotify Instafest app is an unbelievable website that lets you curate your playlist and share it with friends. We’ve included instructions on creating a Spotify music list for the Instafest app, in which Music Converter is provided to assist you in converting your Spotify music for offline listening.

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