5 Amazing Spotify Easter Eggs [Unrevelaed Gems]

Spotify Easter Eggs

Have you ever heard of “Easter Eggs,” the musical? They appear to be minuscule, illegible elements that represent songs or music streaming services with which you may not be familiar. Spotify appears to be a music streaming service, but it also offers several user-only services. Easter eggs are similar to secret surprises in software, including hidden games, secret commands, or exclusive material. They add excitement to using the software, almost like a pleasant surprise. When you investigate or try new things, you discover them.

When you do locate a Spotify Easter Egg, it may lead you to rare recordings and unheard music. Along with hidden features and incentives, Spotify also hides Easter eggs for users’ performances. There are only five users of Spotify.

What exactly the Easter eggs are in the music industry?

Easter eggs are included surprises, messages, or unseen functionality in software. The fact that they are hidden from view gives the users an intelligence of surprise. They appear during experimentation or investigation, keeping the user interested. Easter eggs come in many different shapes and sizes, including hidden games, secret commands, communicating features, and unique materials. Easter eggs are happily expected on music streaming services like Spotify. They increase the enjoyment and sense of discovery; it is like exploring the platform in search of undiscovered charms.

Easter eggs are already commonplace on music streaming services like Spotify. Users are continually on the lookout for something remarkable. Similar to a treasure search, users actively seek out and investigate different areas. Platform in the hopes of discovering these hidden treasures. Unreleased music and rare recordings can be found by finding Easter eggs on Spotify.

List of 5 Easter Eggs on Spotify

Although Spotify has not added many Easter eggs recently, the ones listed below are all that it has previously displayed. Only the desktop version of Spotify’s Star Wars Easter Egg is available for testing. That is because Spotify removed all of the others, and they only seem to last for a limited time.

  1. Star Wars Easter Egg
  2. Pride Easter Eggs
  3. Nyan Cat Easter Eggs
  4. Winter Christmas Easter Eggs
  5. Stranger Thing: Easter Eggs

1: Star Wars Easter Egg

As you are aware, Spotify has provided a secret method for lovers of the franchise, which has cleared the Internet by storm. The Star Wars soundtrack progress bar in this video switches between three different lightsaber patterns. Even today, you can activate it by listening to music from the Star Wars playlist.

Star Wars

2: Stranger Thing: Easter Eggs

There are various Spotify playlists for the Netflix television program Stranger Things. Spotify briefly offered a Stranger Things mode. The Upside Down Flashlights scene appeared while you were listening to music without touching the screen, but it is no longer available. It vanished in an instant, but it was a shiver-inducing Spotify surprise.

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3: Pride Easter Eggs

The progress rhythm for the lightsaber appeared in the Star Wars Easter Egg. Similar to this, a rainbow slider appeared on Spotify when the “Pride Classics” playlist was being played. Even several Pride logos were placed on it. Sadly, Spotify no longer supports the rainbow volume slider Easter egg. There is always the potential, though, that similar surprises will reappear in the future.

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4: Winter Christmas Easter Eggs

The Winter Christmas Spotify Easter Egg made your Spotify screen festive. Any Christmas song’s progress meter changed into a candy cane because of what transpired. The snowflakes also started to fall on your screen. It is no longer accessible because it did not appear to have been discovered by many internet users.

5: Nyan Cat Easter Eggs

Nayan Cat

The progress bar with a Nyan Cat motif might be accessed by playing the Nyan Cat song on Spotify. This short-lived Easter egg is gone, but perhaps more similar ones will appear in the future on Spotify.

Benefits of Easter Eggs 

benefits of Spotify Easter Eggs

Spotify has not done much with Easter eggs in the past. However, in the near future, we can only hope that Spotify will put more effort into creating Easter eggs. When using Spotify, keep your eyes open so you can be the first to discover a secret star. Having said that, the following are some of Spotify’s Easter egg uses.

Dopamine is released in our brains because of pleasant surprises, making the users happy. Spotify customers will have more fun and feel more satisfied as a result of these concealed Easter eggs.

Imagine finding a position on your favorite TV program in an Easter egg! These unexpected elements bring a level of engagement and personalization to the platform. Consider the Stranger Things Easter egg on Spotify app.

A special Easter egg is needed to celebrate a festive mood at a time like Christmas, Holi, Eid, or Easter. Moments throughout this festive season might be watched as opportunities for life-changing events.

Humans are social creatures who depend on interpersonal relationships and a sense of belonging to survive. Spotify customers may become enthused and chatter about Easter eggs. People can discuss their discoveries with friends or post them on social media.

The best strategy to retain people is to develop an attachment to the software. Spotify can develop its interaction with its audience and increase user loyalty. Spotify ensures a keen user base by employing Easter eggs.

Finally, yet importantly, the best thing about Easter Eggs is how they distinguish Spotify from other music streaming services. We all enjoy novelty, originality, and discovery. We are left wanting more and eagerly watching the news with high expectations thanks to an improved user experience.


An “Easter egg” refers to a hidden feature, message, or inside joke that is intentionally included by developers in software, movies, and other media.

Yes, Spotify has several Easter eggs scattered throughout the platform that can be discovered by users.

Yes, Spotify Easter eggs are available to all users regardless of their subscription status. However, some features or experiences associated with certain Easter eggs may only be accessible to paying subscribers.

While there is no official way to create and add your own Easter eggs to the platform, you can get creative and customize your account with playlists, profile pictures, and other features to make it feel like a personal Easter egg for yourself or for others who may come across it.

There is no specific way to find all of the Spotify Easter eggs, but they can usually be found by exploring different features and menus on the platform or through user reports and online articles. Some Easter eggs may also be time-limited or location-specific, so keeping up with news and updates from Spotify may help in discovering them.


Overall, Spotify is a music streaming service that also offers fun little hidden features and instructions to improve the user experience. Even though there are not many Easter eggs, the people that are found by users provide an enjoyable surprise. More Easter eggs may appear in the future as Spotify uses them to improve the user experience. Additionally, Spotify Easter Eggs increase communication and make the music streaming service more enduring. Try out the Star Wars Easter Egg on Spotify’s desktop version and check back for updates.

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