Neil Young is Back on Spotify (Latest News 2023)

Is Neil Young back on Spotify

Has Neil Young made a return to Spotify? Yes, Neil Young is back on Spotify right now. Spotify listeners can now once again listen to his whole discography. Spotify recently began playing his music.

Renowned musician Quik Neil Young left Spotify after making some contentious comments during the Covid era. The good news is that Spotify now has all of his songs, including all of his hits. Spotify gives you the option to rediscover his tremendous archive, whether you opt to listen for free or with a premium subscription. With an incredible 3,856,985 listeners each month, Neil Young keeps enthralling and motivating audiences everywhere.

Who is Neil Young?

An extremely well-known Canadian-American singer and composer is Neil Percival Young. He started playing music in the 1960s in Winnipeg before moving to Los Angeles, where he played a crucial role in the folk-rock band Buffalo Springfield. Young has had a compelling music career that spans decades and has had a profound impact on the music scene.

Why did Spotify remove Neil Young?

The artist has decided to sever their relationship because of the streaming service’s support of Joe Rogan, who has been accused by scientists of disseminating false information concerning coronavirus vaccines. Young claims that Spotify is home to “life-threatening COVID disinformation” that is spread for monetary benefit.

Young criticized Rogan for his show’s December 31 edition, despite multiple scientists, educators, and public health experts pleading for Spotify to take it down. Joe Rogan, a comedian and actor, has become extremely popular on Spotify because of his provocative conversations with outspoken individuals. Notably, one episode included Dr. Robert Malone, a specialist in infectious diseases, whose remarks helped spread various myths about COVID-19 vaccines. This information was emphasized in a letter that the organization released to the public on January 10, 2022.

According to a recent press release, the objective of Spotify is to make “all of the world’s music and audio material” available to its users. Striking a careful balance between audience safety and artistic expression is essential as we work to foster a safe and creative environment. We have implemented strict steps to regulate content in reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic, leading to the elimination of almost 20,000 audio episodes. Although Neil’s choice to take his music off Spotify is sad, we are still optimistic about his comeback. Keep checking back for more interesting updates.

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Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young

Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young

Young immediately voiced his concerns in a letter to Warner Records and his manager, highlighting the critical role Spotify plays in preventing the spread of misinformation on their platform. He frantically demanded that Spotify be informed of his decision to instantly delete every track from their service.

Young was certain that “they can either have Rogan on their platform or Young, but not both. Although Young soon withdrew the contentious remark from his website, the incident was quickly picked up by the media. Speaking of comedian and actor Joe Rogan, there are still reports circulating about a $100 million podcast agreement he would sign with Spotify in 2020. However, the streaming service is keeping mum about the situation. It is well known that a sizable audience watches Rogan’s show on Spotify.

Following backlash over a “The Joe Rogan Experience” episode that featured conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Spotify vehemently supported Rogan’s freedom of speech. In an interview with The Financial Times, Spotify CEO and co-founder Daniel Ek stated emphatically, “We totally back creators in their desire to stir discussion and develop compelling material. We don’t want to influence their beliefs or opinions in any way. Where Spotify’s dedication truly shines is in this area.

Neil Young returns to Spotify

The musical superstar Neil Young has a talent for theatrical entrances and exits on streaming services. He has been known to remove his music from services like Spotify and Apple Music due to complaints about the audio quality, only to shock fans by adding it back a short time later. And for unknown reasons, he’s recently returned to Spotify. Others point to Spotify’s sizable user base, which makes it an excellent choice for popular music, while some suggest that it may be because of the sizable investment the company made in him.

If you do not utilize Spotify, do not worry! Neil Young’s music is still available on Apple Music, Quiz, Amazon Music, and even his own YouTube channel. Additionally, if you have Spotify Premium, you are in luck because Neil Young’s full discography is available to stream and download up to 10,000 times.

Thus, there is a streaming service out there that can satisfy your desire for Neil Young’s soulful melodies or your interest in learning about his most recent albums.

Is Neil Young on Spotify?

Following Neil Young’s complaint of “misinformation,” Spotify is removing his songs. Because the streaming site gives Joe Rogan a platform, that experts claim is spreading untruths regarding coronavirus vaccines, the singer made the decision to stop using it. Neil Young wasn’t playing a bluff.


His extensive discography, which is propelled by a distinctive guitar sound, intensely revealing lyrics, and a distinctive high-tenor singing voice,

Numbers for entertainment Ava DuVernay, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young all severed connections with Spotify. In a recent statement, veteran performer Neil Young asked “other artists and record labels” to “move off the Spotify platform and stop supporting Spotify’s deadly misinformation about COVID.”

False are the allegations made on social media that Spotify has reinstated Neil Young’s music. The extensive music library of Young is still not available on Spotify, according to the artist’s dedicated profile.

Enhancing audio quality is one of the reasons the World Record will be available on vinyl in the style of a triple album with an etching on side four.

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