Spotify Is Launching Individual Shuffle and Play Buttons for Its Premium Users

Spotify Is Launching Individual Shuffle and Play Buttons for Its Premium Users

A dedicated music lover wants to listen to his favorite and exquisite soundtracks with just a single click. Spotify, the most fantastic music streaming platform, has decided to launch individual Shuffle and Play buttons for its premium users. To improve their listening experience by giving them access to their exquisite music hits with just a single Click. The main aim of this update is to make choices more accessible and precise. Spotify says that this new change will allow you to choose your preferred playlist and albums and way of listening to music tracks with which you are obsessed.

The current interface of Spotify uses a combined play and shuffle button, but it seems to be like a thorn in the user’s side for a longer time. Spotify Community Forums receives complaints from users about how these play and shuffle features work differently on Mobile vs. desktop and even iOS Vs. Android, when users shift from one gadget to another. On switching from one device to another, they found themselves having to re-learn an application with which they were familiar.

The update was also necessary to compete with music streaming platforms like Amazon Music and Apple Music, which already have inbuilt separate shuffle buttons. Spotify sees the shuffle feature as an extension of the ability to listen to most on-demand music. This feature of a separate shuffle and play button will only be for the Premium user, and the freemium users will use the same features of Ad interruptions and limitations.

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The change seems to be a smaller one. Still, it will put a stop to the grievances from the Spotify Premium users who have been asking for a separate Shuffle button for a couple of years and are fed up with using the previous tier of a single option. The criticism was not only from the users but the artists were also frustrated with not getting the proper running sequence of their albums.

Why Hide New Features Behind Paywall

Launching separate Play and Shuffle buttons seems to be a good addition for the users, but some consider this move controversial by launching this only for the premium users. The critics wrote, “The Separation of play and shuffle button is a welcome change but to lock out such a basic function behind the paywall is ridiculous. Spotify may have done so to attract the freemium users to go for the premium plans.” 

Spotify owners have their thoughts line and are of the view that the benefits of choosing favorite and on-demand music tracks must be given to those who are paying. Those who want to enjoy such a facility may have to pay for this incredible feature.

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Final Verdict

With the ebb and flow of controversies surrounding the companies, podcasts, and their talent, it is nice to see Spotify focuses on easy access to music streaming for music lovers.

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