Spotify Island on Roblox to Launch New Destination for Hip-Hop Listeners

Spotify Island on Roblox to Launch New Destination for Hip-Hop Listeners

It has been four months since Spotify revealed its Virtual Spotify Island on Roblox, making it the first music streaming platform to have an official presence on a gaming platform. Today, Spotify launched a new space-themed digital destination on Roblox called Planet Hip-Hop, which will soon feature female rapper Doechii. Spotify Island’s Hip Hop is live on Roblox, aiming to carve new ways for Hip-Hop fans to connect with their favorite music artists.

The new futuristic-looking destination features an illuminated cityscape, a silver pyramid surrounded by red Planetary rings resembling a vinyl record, and floating meteors. Steven Conway, Senior Art Director at Spotify, says,” We wanted to create a Space inspired by a new era of Hip-Hop and explore how present generation artists and fans are redefining the look and sound of the music genre.”

A younger generation of Hip-Hop artists inspires Spotify’s new destination look; many of them are known for their “Internet Tech sound.” Spotify is referring to the likes of Doechii, Trippie Redd, and Yeat, who all are in their early 20’s. Spotify chose the Hip-Hop genre as the second Spotify Island destination based on the demand of the listeners. Also, Spotify revealed that Hip-Hop generates an average of 44 billion monthly streams on music streaming platforms worldwide.

In comparison to Spotify Island’s K-pop theme world, K-Park, Planet Hip-Hop has many other elements for players to discover. This includes being able to walk on the top of buildings and floating around added experience that seems like Roblox avatars have been transported into a low-gravity environment. “Players can also drive a customized car around planet rings that serve as a navigable path. Shortly, Spotify will turn the paths into an obstacle“, explained Edward Young, deputy creative director at Spotify, during the demo session.

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Like K-Park, players must enter an underground portal to visit the artist’s fan experience. Spotify introduces Doechii as the first Hip-Hop artist on Planet Hip-Hop. When Roblox players enter the subterranean portal of Doechii in Planet Hip-Hop, they will see a swamp kingdom of the rapper’s hometown of Tampa, Florida, and her nickname, “Swamp Princess.” At launch, players can swim with alligators and dive underwater, while fans will not be able to interact or ride with alligators as Spotify will add this feature later.

In the coming days, Spotify will release more features for Doechii fans, such as the quiz that requires players to Persuade Doechii into letting her into their “Swamp Coven.” This is a reference to her song “Persuasive,” which has recently received a new music video and a remix starring famous R&B singer SZA. Once the player answers correctly, they will be invited to the Coven. Spotify will continue to add to Planet Hip-Hop, including collaborations with Hip-Hop artists.

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