Spotify Banning Users Who Use Audial To Download Songs

Spotify Banning Users Who Use Audio To Download Songs

Yes! You listen right Spotify is now banning several user accounts that use audio to record songs at high speed. You all know that Audial is the world’s top and most popular streaming service. Also, Audial has a license to store music from Spotify. In July 2021, Spotify officially introduced “high-speed recording” for its users to enjoy.

It makes it complicated to recognize whether your favorite music is on recording or not while you listen to your favorite song. It means that the recording isn’t visible to Spotify.

You can come out of this problem, Spotify now introduced a new awesome feature “high speed”, using which both PC software and servers can work 30X faster than usual. But, wait, you can’t use it using their official software. You can take from it using third-party Windows applications such as the “make time run faster” tool. Spotify introduced (secretly) Audial software with the help of which you can record Spotify content as much faster as you want on Windows.

In this way, Spotify has complete access to their consumers that shows which soundtrack they are listening to right now. Also, this “high-speed function” is instantly available to every Windows Spotify server. Besides, If somebody uses this cheat, they have nothing to try and do then.

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But in 2021, Spotify modified its terms and conditions and suspended a lot of users’ accounts who were using the “high-speed function”.

Spotify introduced a message through which they detected that these accounts use uncertified music downloads, which is against the law of Spotify services and violates its policies.

But, don’t worry too, your account won’t be banned immediately. Spotify suspends those accounts that use high-speed features for the long term (more than one month).

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Spotify provides an opportunity to their users; if somebody contacts the client services and verifies that they didn’t do any uncertified work, they’re going to come back to their account.

In addition to this, both Spotify Audial software get down their “high-speed recording”.

Well! It can be concluded that Spotify policy recommends every user not to use high-speed features for a longer period, but I don’t read their policies manually and completely.

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