Spotify vs Joox: Which Music Streaming App is Best in 2024?

Spotify vs Joox

Have you heard of the word Joox? I think you cannot listen to this word or use this app. Today I can tell you about a new music-streaming app named Joox. In this article, we will discuss which is the best app, Spotify vs. Joox. Nowadays, Spotify has emerged as one of the top streaming services. However, many other platforms, including Joox, are trying to compete with it. Joox is a popular music streaming service with a lot of users and the best features. To establish which has greater potential, we shall analyze Spotify and Joox in depth in this comparison.

Spotify is growing in popularity every day and spreading throughout the world; however, Joox is primarily used in Asian nations, including Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Which one functions best for music listening? Let us find out

Whichever option is preferable for you, though? We will contrast Spotify with JOOX in this post in terms of features, cost, user experience, and other factors, so you can easily make an informed choice and begin listening to your favorite music.

On October 7, 2008, Spotify, a music streaming service, was formally introduced. Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden, created it. It offers media firms and record labels DRM-protected gratification. Spotify functions on a freemium model, meaning that while its essential functions are available without any advertisements or restrictions, premium memberships are required to access extra features like higher-quality streaming and music downloads. Very difficult decision to choose the best app Spotify vs. Joox.


The well-known music streaming service is called Joox. QQ Music, another Tencent-owned music streaming service, is already among the biggest in China in terms of both streaming and downloads. However, in January 2015, Tencent unveiled JOOX to spread its music streaming service to other countries. While the majority of its services are free, some are only offered to subscribers.

Similarities between Spotify and Joox

Similarities between Spotify and Joox
  • There is a freemium perfect for both music-streaming services. The majority of the songs are free, but Joox and Spotify both impose limits on users who do not pay; certain tracks are only available to premium subscribers. In addition, a 30-day trial period is presented for the free version.
  • You can make a modified playlist on both music-streaming sites so that you can merely listen to your preferred songs.
  • You can sign in to both music-streaming services’ online players and applications.
  • There are limited skips accessible with a free membership, and you will hear some audio announcements while you listen to music.

Difference Between Spotify and Joox

Price and Subscription

Joox vs Spotify Price & Subscriptions

With their freemium price, Joox and Spotify both provide you with unlimited access to a huge music collection. Users of Spotify can make use of simple music streams in shuffle play, scattered with audio and video advertisements. Joox selected splash commercials over less intrusive banner ads, discounting Spotify’s ad structure.

The price of a paid Spotify subscription ranges from $9.99 for one user to $19.99 for six. A single user can get Joox VIP for roughly $2.95, which is less than Spotify. For premium subscribers, both provide limitless skips, excellent streaming, no profitable breaks, and offline listening.

Winner: Joox

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Music Library

Spotify vs Joox Music Library

Spotify’s huge content library appears to be one of the main factors contributing to its position in the music streaming market. About 100 million songs and 3 million podcast titles from well-known musical tags and media outlets are available on Spotify. Almost any worldwide musician or song from a variety of ages can be found here.

In this respect, Joox is far less imposing than Spotify, as it only has roughly 40 million songs. Even if there seems to be an important amount of difference, Joox is still preferred by most Asians over Spotify since it has a greater selection of local tunes. By concentrating on local labels and artists to find connections with local viewers, Joox succeeds.

Winner: Spotify

Music Quality

Joox vs Spotify Music Quality

Spotify vs. Joox, which has the best music quality? If you use it, you can easily understand who is best. You will be able to choose yourself in the vast ocean of music if the music is of the highest quality. The majority of users like to listen to excellent music. We will examine the audio quality of both platforms in this section.

Both Spotify and Joox have free types available. The free edition has certain limitations, like limited skips and advertisements. Spotify’s free edition allows users to stream music at 160 kbps, while Joox’s only licenses 96 kbps.

For premium users, 320kbps streaming is available on Joox and Spotify. As a result, if you subscribe regularly, you will certainly notice an improvement in audio quality.

Winner: Spotify

User Interference

Spotify vs Joox User Interface

A vital section of any streaming platform is the user interface (UI). Before selecting any platform, make sure to examine its user interface. Here, we will take a quick look at each platform’s user interface and choose which is larger.

Both apps have nice visuals, but Joox is more practical than Spotify because, unlike Spotify, which continuously displays advertisements that obstruct listening to music, Joox’s free version only has excellent ads. For those who are willing to subscribe every month, Joox is a more practical choice than Spotify, although Spotify is still a better overall alternative.

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Another important component that has the power to make or ruin a music streaming service is the user interface. Equally, Spotify boasts a more colorful and adaptable UI, along with features like podcasts, Daily Mix, and Discover Weekly.

Winner: Joox

Additional Features of Spotify

Among the characteristic qualities that set Spotify apart from other music streaming services are the following:

Spotify Connect: This tool lets users control how their music is played on a variety of devices, including TVs, smartwatches, speakers, and gaming consoles.

Spotify Podcasts: With this feature, users can listen to thousands of podcasts covering a wide range of subjects, including sports, comedy, news, and more.

Wrapped by Spotify: At the end of each year, users may get a personalized overview of their listening favorites and habits.

Additional Features of Joox

Additionally, Joox Music differs from other music streaming services with a few special features, like:

Joox Live: This feature lets viewers watch concerts and live performances by their favorite bands and artists.

Voice of Joox: Users can listen to hundreds of radio stations that have been handpicked by specialists.

Joox Karaoke: This function lets users record themselves singing along to their favorite songs and share them with others.


Joox Music and Spotify are two different music-streaming services, each with advantages and disadvantages. While Joox Music has less advertisement, lower rates, more local songs from Asian markets, and some unique features, Spotify has a larger and more diverse music collection, superior sound quality, and wider availability. You might pick one over the other based on your requirements and tastes. However, Spotify is our top pick for the greatest music streaming service overall based on this analysis.

Price & Subscriptions
Music Library
Music Quality
User Interface

Finally, after reviewing all of the information, we can determine which music app is superior: Spotify vs. Joox. Compared to Joox Music, Spotify provides a more enjoyable music experience, a more reliable service, and an easier-to-use layout. Additionally, Spotify is more cross-platform and device-matched than Joox Music. As a result, we would advise you to use Spotify to listen to your favorite songs.

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