How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped in 2024? [Complete Guide]

How to rewatch Spotify Wrapped

Do you know what Spotify is wrapped in? In addition, what is rewatching Spotify wrapped? If you do not have the answer, then you were happy to open this page because now I wanted to say that how to rewatch Spotify wrapped means that this is an annual story offered by Spotify that provides users with a modified overview of their listening habits throughout the year. This story typically becomes available in the first week of December and covers the period from January 1st to October 31st of that year.

The majority of Spotify subscribers would have already looked through their Wrapped 2023 stories on the app, but it is easy for those who wish to view them again. The way Spotify Wrapped is presented sets it apart from other year-end music roundups. Similar to what a user could see on Instagram or Snapchat, Wrapped is viewed as stories, with each story presenting the data in an animated shape, complete with fitting music. All of the information is condensed into a stunning card that users can share by using the share button located at the bottom of each story.

In the last week of November, Spotify Wrapped sent subscribers their customized summaries. Take these actions if you want to review your Spotify-wrapped or wrapped stories. How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped?  This was a very difficult question for some years, but now Spotify can easily solve our problem.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your moveable scheme.

Get your phone out and present the Spotify app. Now is the second to reveal the wonder of your wrapped 2023.

Step 2: Locate the wrapped section.

Go to the homepage of the app after entering. Locate the “Spotify Wrapped” area. A piece with a bright yellow “Play” button beneath it will be visible to you. Press it, and the adventure starts!

Step 3: Observe and investigate.

This is the cool portion at last! All year long, you get to view your wrapped stories, which are mini-movies that display your incredible musical journey.

Try these methods if Wrapped is not on the homepage

What happens if the homepage does not have a wrap? Instead, consider these:

Spotify has an annual feature called Spotify Wrapped that gives users a custom-made summary of their listening patterns over the year. This feature, which runs from January 1st to October 31st of that year, usually becomes available in the first week of December. 

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Do not worry if wrapped or unwrapped stories are not shown on the homepage. Spotify offers additional methods for you to obtain it.

Locate your wrapped banner from the prior year

We have to use the app’s search function first. Look for the term “search” or the magnifying glass. Next, enter “2023 Wrapped” and press the enter or search buttons.

Another Method for Searching

Rather than typing the whole text, just type “wrapped” into the search field. Next, search for the genre “2023 Wrapped” in the results. After locating it, tap on it, and you will be surprised. A large banner will be present. After you click on that banner, voilĂ ! Now you may begin to enjoy all of your amazing musical experiences.

Keep wrapped tales safe

Do not worry; you will not be able to view your wrapped stories on the Spotify app. Before January 1st, save a few screenshots or distribute the slides from your present narrative. In this manner, you will be able to value those wonderful memories long after they have disappeared. Take a picture, store it, and enjoy your musical adventure forever.

Keep your entire playlist saved

Save the current year’s wrapped playlist to your library as soon as you see it. It is simple! Take these actions:

  • Use Spotify to look for the wrapped option.
  • Observe and select the album that is wrapped.
  • At this point, choose “Add to your library.”
  • You can listen to your playlist whenever you would like now that it is safely stored in your Spotify library.

Get Spotify Wrapped Archives here

  • Here is a handy tip to help you locate your previous year’s wrapped playlists:
  • Open a web browser on your phone or any other device that you are utilizing.

Examine previous years

Simply select the desired year from the link to find wrapped playlists from that year onward. For instance:

  • Change the word “2022” in the link to “2021” to access Wrapped 2021.
  • To locate Wrapped 2020, substitute “2020” for “2022.”
  • Proceed in the same manner as in the years 2022, 2018, 2017, or 2016.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, Spotify Wrapped offers an extremely charming method to view your top tracks from the previous year. Your stories are reusable by doing a few simple actions. To ensure that the stories do not disappear, save them and tell them to others. Moreover, you know what? Your unique playlist will remain in your library, available for playback at any time. Thus, rejoice in your musical trip, savor the magic of Spotify Wrapped, and never stop moving. Allow music to be your friend, bringing smiles and happiness into your heart. I hope, after reading this article, you know How to rewatch Spotify wrapped.

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